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1. From The Delta To Detroit
1-1 Charley Patton Spoonful Blues
1-2 Charley Patton Love My Stuff
1-3 Charley Patton You're Gonna Need Somebody When You Die
1-4 Charley Patton 1934 Blues
1-5 Charley Patton Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues
1-6 Charley Patton Hang It On The Wall
1-7 Charley Patton Revenue Man Blues
1-8 Charley Patton Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues
1-9 Charley Patton Some Summer Day
1-10 Charley Patton When Your Way Gets Dark
1-11 Charley Patton Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone
1-12 Charley Patton Jim Lee Blues
1-13 John Lee Hooker Boogie Chillen
1-14 John Lee Hooker She Was In Chicago
1-15 John Lee Hooker Shady Grove Blues
1-16 John Lee Hooker Talking Boogie
1-17 John Lee Hooker Hobo Blues
1-18 John Lee Hooker Drifting From Door To Door
1-19 John Lee Hooker Crawling King Snake
1-20 John Lee Hooker Alberta
1-21 John Lee Hooker Momma Poppa Boogie
1-22 John Lee Hooker Black Cat Blues
1-23 John Lee Hooker The Numbers
1-24 John Lee Hooker Forgive Me
1-25 John Lee Hooker Sally Mae
2. Mississippi Blues
2-1 Robert Johnson Sweet Home Chicago
2-2 Robert Johnson Love In Vain
2-3 Robert Johnson Crossroad
2-4 Robert Johnson I Believe I'll Dust My Broom
2-5 Robert Johnson Ramblin' On My Mind
2-6 Robert Johnson Walking Blues
2-7 Robert Johnson Come On In My Kitchen
2-8 Robert Johnson Kind Hearted Woman Blues
2-9 Robert Johnson Stone In My Pathway
2-10 Robert Johnson Terraplane Blues
2-11 Son House Shetland Pony Blues
2-12 Son House Delta Blues
2-13 Son House Special Rider Blues
2-14 Son House Depot Blues
2-15 Son House Am I Right Or Wrong?
2-16 Son House Walking Blues
2-17 Son House County Farm Blues
2-18 Son House The Pony Blues
2-19 Bukka White Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
2-20 Bukka White Parchman Farm
2-21 Bukka White Bukka Jitterbug Blues
2-22 Bukka White High Fever
2-23 Bukka White Fixin' To Die
2-24 Bukka White Pine Bluff Arkansas
2-25 Bukka White Shake 'Em On Down
3. Texas Blues
3-1 Blind Lemon Jefferson Match Box Blues
3-2 Blind Lemon Jefferson Corrina Blues
3-3 Blind Lemon Jefferson Black Snake Moan
3-4 Blind Lemon Jefferson Bad Luck Blues
3-5 Blind Lemon Jefferson Easy Rider Blues
3-6 Blind Lemon Jefferson Mosquito Moan
3-7 Blind Lemon Jefferson Southern Woman Blues
3-8 Blind Lemon Jefferson Shuckin' Sugar Blues
3-9 Blind Lemon Jefferson Long Distance Moan
3-10 Blind Lemon Jefferson That Crawling Baby Blues
3-11 Blind Lemon Jefferson Broke And Hungry
3-12 Blind Lemon Jefferson Rabbit Foot Blues
3-13 T-Bone Walker Wichita Falls Blues
3-14 T-Bone Walker T-Bone Blues
3-15 T-Bone Walker T-Bone Boogie
3-16 T-Bone Walker Come Back To Me Baby Blues
3-17 T-Bone Walker I'm Gonna Find My Baby
3-18 T-Bone Walker Bobby Sox Blues
3-19 T-Bone Walker Call It Stormy Monday
3-20 T-Bone Walker Dream Girl Blues
3-21 T-Bone Walker Description Blues
3-22 T-Bone Walker T-Bone Shuffle
3-23 T-Bone Walker Wise Man Blues
3-24 T-Bone Walker I Wish You Were Mine
3-25 T-Bone Walker I'm Gonna Move You Out And Get Somebody Else
4. Female Blues Singers #1
4-1 Bessie Smith Down Hearted Blues
4-2 Bessie Smith Cemetery Blues
4-3 Bessie Smith Weeping Willow Blues
4-4 Bessie Smith St. Louis Blues
4-5 Bessie Smith Cold In Hand Blues
4-6 Bessie Smith Soft Pedal Blues
4-7 Bessie Smith Careless Love
4-8 Bessie Smith Back Water Blues
4-9 Bessie Smith Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair
4-10 Bessie Smith Dyin' By The Hour
4-11 Bessie Smith Empty Bed Blues, Part One
4-12 Bessie Smith Empty Bed Blues, Part Two
4-13 Bessie Smith Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
4-14 Memphis Minnie Bumble Bee
4-15 Memphis Minnie Nothing Is Rambling
4-16 Memphis Minnie Me And My Chauffeur
4-17 Memphis Minnie I Got To Make A Change Blues
4-18 Memphis Minnie You Got To Get Out Of Here
4-19 Memphis Minnie When My Man Comes Home
4-20 Memphis Minnie Dirty Mother For You
4-21 Memphis Minnie Hoodoo Lady
4-22 Memphis Minnie If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home)
4-23 Memphis Minnie Good Morning
4-24 Memphis Minnie I've Been Treated Wrong
4-25 Memphis Minnie I'm Sailin'
5. Famale Blues Singers #2
5-1 Mamie Smith Crazy Blues
5-2 Alberta Hunter Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Mornin'
5-3 Hattie McDaniel I Thought I'd Do It
5-4 Esther Bigeou* West Indies Blues
5-5 Ma Rainey Prove It On Me Blues
5-6 Ida Cox Death Letter Blues
5-7 Lucille Bogan Coffee Grindin' Blues
5-8 Ethel Waters Shake That Thing
5-9 Rosa Henderson Can't Be Bothered With No Sheik
5-10 Lil Johnson That Bonus Done Gone Thru
5-11 Nellie Florence Midnight Weeping Blues
5-12 Helen Humes Cross-Eyed Blues
5-13 Victoria Spivey Dope Head Blues
5-14 Georgia White The Blues Ain't Nothin' But...
5-15 Rosetta Howard How Long Daddy (Will You Keep Me This Way)
5-16 Wea Wea Booze* Uncle Sam Come And Get Him
5-17 Rosetta Tharpe* Trouble In Mind
5-18 Blue Lu Barker New Orleans Blues
5-19 Lil Green Why Don't You Do Right?
5-20 Merline Johnson Pallet On The Floor
5-21 Dinah Washington Salty Papa Blues
5-22 Tiny Mayberry Mailman Blues
5-23 Julia Lee Dream Lucky Blues
5-24 Billie Holiday Fine And Mellow
5-25 Ella Fitzgerald Basin Street Blues
6. Country Blues
6-1 Sleepy John Estes The Girl I Love She Got Long Curly Hair
6-2 Sleepy John Estes Diving Duck Blues
6-3 Sleepy John Estes Milk Cow Blues
6-4 Sleepy John Estes Down South Blues
6-5 Sleepy John Estes Stop That Thing
6-6 Sleepy John Estes Someday Baby Blues
6-7 Sleepy John Estes Drop Down Mama
6-8 Sleepy John Estes Everybody Ought To Make A Change
6-9 Sleepy John Estes Clean It Up At Home
6-10 Sleepy John Estes Time Is Drawning Near
6-11 Sleepy John Estes Drop Down
6-12 Sleepy John Estes Brownsville Blues
6-13 Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin's Boogie
6-14 Lightnin' Hopkins Have To Let You Go
6-15 Lightnin' Hopkins Honey Babe
6-16 Lightnin' Hopkins Unpredictable Woman
6-17 Lightnin' Hopkins Feel So Bad
6-18 Lightnin' Hopkins Short Haired Woman
6-19 Lightnin' Hopkins Down Baby
6-20 Lightnin' Hopkins Let Me Play With Your Poodle
6-21 Lightnin' Hopkins Fast Mail Rambler
6-22 Lightnin' Hopkins Picture On The Wall
6-23 Lightnin' Hopkins Sugar On My Mind
6-24 Lightnin' Hopkins Someday Baby
6-25 Lightnin' Hopkins Come Back, Baby
7. Chicago Blues
7-1 Big Bill Broonzy Worrying You Off My Mind
7-2 Big Bill Broonzy Too-Too Train
7-3 Big Bill Broonzy Bull Cow Blues
7-4 Big Bill Broonzy Long Tall Mama
7-5 Big Bill Broonzy Just A Dream
7-6 Big Bill Broonzy Medecine Man
7-7 Big Bill Broonzy I Feel So Good
7-8 Big Bill Broonzy Roll Their Bones
7-9 Big Bill Broonzy Why Did You Do That To Me?
7-10 Big Bill Broonzy Old Man Blues
7-11 Big Bill Broonzy Saturday Evening Blues
7-12 Big Bill Broonzy Ramblin' Bill
7-13 Muddy Waters Rolling Stone
7-14 Muddy Waters Walking Blues
7-15 Muddy Waters Louisiana Blues
7-16 Muddy Waters Gypsy Woman
7-17 Muddy Waters Good Looking Woman
7-18 Muddy Waters I Can't Be Satisfied
7-19 Muddy Waters I Feel Like Going Home
7-20 Muddy Waters Train Fare Home
7-21 Muddy Waters Mean Red Spider
7-22 Muddy Waters Streamline Woman
7-23 Muddy Waters Little Geneva
7-24 Muddy Waters Rollin' And Tumblin'
7-25 Muddy Waters Burying Ground Blues
8. Blues Stylists
8-1 Lonnie Johnson Mean Old Bedbug Blues
8-2 Lonnie Johnson Have To Change Keys (To Play These Blues)
8-3 Lonnie Johnson Guitar Blues
8-4 Lonnie Johnson Playing With The Strings
8-5 Lonnie Johnson No More Trouble Now
8-6 Lonnie Johnson 6/88 Glide
8-7 Lonnie Johnson Flood Water
8-8 Lonnie Johnson Swing Out Rhythm
8-9 Lonnie Johnson Hot Springs Blues (Skin And Bones)
8-10 Lonnie Johnson Avec Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five I'm Not Rough
8-11 Blind Blake Blind Arthur Breakdown
8-12 Blind Blake You're Gonna Quit Me Baby
8-13 Blind Blake Dry Bone Suffle
8-14 Blind Blake Southern Rag
8-15 Blind Blake Too Tight Blues
8-16 Blind Blake Georgia Bound
8-17 Blind Blake Depression's Gone From Me Blues
8-18 Blind Blake Police Dog Blues
8-19 Scrapper Blackwell A Blues
8-20 Scrapper Blackwell D Blues
8-21 B.B. King Miss Martha King
8-22 B.B. King When Your Baby Packs Up
8-23 B.B. King The Other Night Blues
8-24 B.B. King B.B.'s Boogie
8-25 B.B. King Walking And Crying
9. Piano Blues #1
9-1 Memphis Slim Grinder Man Blues
9-2 Memphis Slim Empty Room Blues
9-3 Memphis Slim Old Taylor
9-4 Memphis Slim Jasper's Girl
9-5 Memphis Slim You Got To Help Me Some
9-6 Memphis Slim Maybe I'll Loan You A Dime
9-7 Memphis Slim Whiskey And Gin Blues
9-8 Memphis Slim Send Me Your Love
9-9 Memphis Slim Don't Ration My Love
9-10 Memphis Slim Pacemaker Boogie
9-11 Memphis Slim Nobody Loves Me (Everyday I Have The Blues)
9-12 Memphis Slim Blue And Lonesome
9-13 Champion Jack Dupree New Low Down Dog
9-14 Champion Jack Dupree Cabbage Green N°1
9-15 Champion Jack Dupree Angola Blues
9-16 Champion Jack Dupree My Cabin Inn
9-17 Champion Jack Dupree Bad Health Blues
9-18 Champion Jack Dupree That's All Right
9-19 Champion Jack Dupree Gibing Blues
9-20 Champion Jack Dupree Dupree Shake Dance
9-21 Champion Jack Dupree Junker Blues
9-22 Champion Jack Dupree Big Time Mama
9-23 Champion Jack Dupree Hurry Down Sunshine
9-24 Champion Jack Dupree Jackie P. Blues
9-25 Champion Jack Dupree Heavy Heart Blues
10. Piano Blues #2
10-1 Alex Moore They May Not Be My Toes
10-2 Saint-Louis Jimmy Oden* Patrol Wagon Blues
10-3 Peetie Wheatstraw Slave Man Blues
10-4 Jimmy Gordon* Beer Drinkin' Woman
10-5 Little Brother Montgomery Vicksburg Blues
10-6 Curtis Jones Solid Jive
10-7 Walter Davis Let Me In Your Saddle
10-8 Eddie Boyd Blue Monday Blues
10-9 Roosevelt Sykes Roosevelt Blues
10-10 Cow Cow Davenport & Dora Carr Cow Cow Blues
10-11 Pinetop Smith* Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
10-12 Albert Ammons Shout For Joy
10-13 Speckled Red Saint-Louis Stomp
10-14 Jimmy Yancey Yancey Stomp
10-15 Montana Taylor Detroit Rocks
10-16 Romeo Nelson Head Rag Hop
10-17 Big Maceo Chicago Breakdown
10-18 Cecil Gant Cecil Boogie
10-19 Pete Johnson Dive Bomber
10-20 Meade Lux Lewis* Honky Tonk Train Blues
10-21 Count Basie How Long Blues
10-22 Erroll Garner Blues I Can't Forget
10-23 Sammy Price Boogin' With Big Sid
10-24 Duke Ellington - Billy Strayhorn C Jam Blues
10-25 Art Tatum Aunt Hagar's Blues
10-26 Meade Lux Lewis* - Albert Amons* - Pete Johnson Boogie Woogie Prayer
11. Piano-Guitar Duos
11-1 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-2 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell Midnight Hour Blues
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-3 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell Blues Before Sunrise
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-4 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell When The Sun Goes Down
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-5 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell Going Back Home
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-6 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell Stormy Night Blues
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-7 Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell I Believe I'll Make A Change
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano, Vocals – Leroy Carr
11-8 Scrapper Blackwell / Dot Rice My Old Pal
Guitar – Scrapper BlackwellPiano – Dot Rice
11-9 Curtis Jones / Willie B. James Lonesome Bedroom Blues
Guitar – Willie B. JamesPiano, Vocals – Curtis Jones
11-10 Tampa Red / Big Maceo Worried Life Blues
Guitar – Tampa RedPiano, Vocals – Big Maceo
11-11 Big Maceo / Tampa Red I'm So Worried
Guitar – Tampa RedPiano, Vocals – Big Maceo
11-12 Tampa Red / Big Maceo Mercy Mama Blues
Guitar, Vocals – Tampa RedPiano – Big Maceo
11-13 Walter Davis / Henry Townsend Ashes In My Whiskey
Guitar – Henry TownsendPiano, Vocals – Walter Davis
11-14 Walter Davis / Robert Lee McCoy West Coast Blues
Guitar – Robert Lee McCoyPiano, Vocals – Walter Davis
11-15 Walter Davis / Leonard Caston Oh! Me, Oh! My, Blues
Guitar – Leonard Caston Piano, Vocals – Walter Davis
11-16 Blind Blake / Charlie Spand Hastings Street
Guitar – Charlie SpandGuitar, Vocals – Blind Blake
11-17 Georgia Tom Dorsey* / Tampa Red Come On Mama
Guitar – Tampa RedPiano, Vocals – Georgia Tom Dorsey*
11-18 Big Bill Broonzy / Memphis Slim All By Myself
Guitar, Vocals – Big Bill BroonzyPiano – Memphis Slim
11-19 Peetie Wheatstraw / Lonnie Johnson What More Can A Man Do?
Guitar – Lonnie Johnson Piano, Vocals – Peetie Wheatstraw
11-20 Lonnie Johnson / Joshua Altheimer She's My Mary
Guitar, Vocals – Lonnie Johnson Piano – Joshua Altheimer
11-21 Lonnie Johnson / Blind John Davis Flyright Baby
Guitar, Vocals – Lonnie Johnson Piano – Blind John Davis
11-22 Johnny Temple / Horace Malcolm Big Woman Blues
Guitar – Johnny Temple Piano – Horace Malcolm
11-23 Johnny Temple / Horace Malcolm Sundown Blues
Guitar – Johnny Temple Piano – Horace Malcolm
11-24 Champion Jack Dupree / Jesse Ellory* Shady Lane
Guitar – Jesse ElleryPiano – Champion Jack Dupree
11-25 Champion Jack Dupree / Jesse Ellory* Morning Tea
Guitar – Jesse ElleryPiano – Champion Jack Dupree
12. Blues & Folksongs
12-1 Leadbelly Irene
12-2 Leadbelly Midnight Special
12-3 Leadbelly Good Morning Blues
12-4 Leadbelly Bourgeois Blues
12-5 Leadbelly On Monday
12-6 Leadbelly Pigmeat
12-7 Leadbelly Black Snake Moan
12-8 Leadbelly See See Rider
12-9 Leadbelly Alberta
12-10 Leadbelly Take This Hammer
12-11 Leadbelly Yellow Gal
12-12 Leadbelly Little Sally Walker
12-13 Leadbelly I Got A Pretty Flower
12-14 Josh White Little Brother Blues
12-15 Josh White Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
12-16 Josh White While The Blood Runs In Your Veins
12-17 Josh White My Soul Gonna Leave With God
12-18 Josh White Trouble
12-19 Josh White Jerry
12-20 Josh White Bad Housing Blues
12-21 Josh White Number 12 Train
12-22 Josh White St. James Infirmary
12-23 Josh White Blues In Berlin
12-24 Josh White T.B.Blues
12-25 Josh White I Left A Good Deal In Mobile
13. East Coast Blues
13-1 Blind Boy Fuller My Brownskin Sugar Plum
13-2 Blind Boy Fuller Looking For My Woman
13-3 Blind Boy Fuller Ain't It A Cryin' Shame
13-4 Blind Boy Fuller Log Cabin Blues
13-5 Blind Boy Fuller / Sonny Terry I'm A Stranger Here
Blues Harp – Sonny TerryGuitar, Vocals – Blind Boy Fuller
13-6 Blind Boy Fuller / Sonny Terry Pistol Slapper Blues
Blues Harp – Sonny TerryGuitar, Vocals – Blind Boy Fuller
13-7 Sonny Terry Train Whistle Blues
13-8 Sonny Terry Harmonica Blues
13-9 Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee Shake Down Blues
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar, Vocals – Brownie McGhee
13-10 Brownie McGhee Death Of Blind Boy Fuller
13-11 Brownie McGhee I'm A Black Woman's Man
13-12 Brownie McGhee Key To My Door
13-13 Brownie McGhee I Don't Believe In Love
13-14 Brownie McGhee Unfair Blues
13-15 Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee Telephone Blues
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Brownie McGhee
13-16 Sonny Terry / Sticks McGhee* Riff And Harmonica Jump
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Stick McGhee
13-17 Sonny Terry / Sticks McGhee* Harmonica Rag
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Stick McGhee
13-18 Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee Dirty Mistreater, Don't You Know
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Brownie McGhee
13-19 Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee Crow Jane Blues
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Brownie McGhee
13-20 Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee Hot Headed Woman
Blues Harp, Vocals – Sonny TerryGuitar – Brownie McGhee
13-21 Brownie McGhee / Sonny Terry Big Legged Woman
Blues Harp – Sonny TerryGuitar, Vocals – Brownie McGhee
13-22 Brownie McGhee Aunt Jane Blues
13-23 Brownie McGhee Poor Boy Blues
13-24 Brownie McGhee Robbie-Doby-Boogie
13-25 Brownie McGhee Brownie's New Worried Life Blues
14. Harmonica Blues
14-1 Noah Lewis Viola Lee Blues
14-2 Hammie Nixon Trouble Trouble
14-3 Jazz Gillum Gillum's Windy Blues
14-4 Jazz Gillum Mule Blues
14-5 Jazz Gillum Against My Will
14-6 Jazz Gillum Boar Hog Blues
14-7 Jazz Gillum Stavin' Chain
14-8 Jazz Gillum Got To Reap What You Sow
14-9 Jazz Gillum Key To The Highway
14-10 Jazz Gillum Muddy Pond Blues
14-11 Jazz Gillum From Now On
14-12 Jazz Gillum I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town
14-13 Sonny Boy Williamson Good Morning Little School Girl
14-14 Sonny Boy Williamson Suzie Q
14-15 Sonny Boy Williamson Decoration Blues
14-16 Sonny Boy Williamson Tell Me Baby
14-17 Sonny Boy Williamson I've Been Dealing With The Devil
14-18 Sonny Boy Williamson War Time Blues
14-19 Sonny Boy Williamson Sloppy Drunk Blues
14-20 Sonny Boy Williamson Whiskey Headed Blues
14-21 Sonny Boy Williamson Goodbye Red
14-22 Sonny Boy Williamson Blue Bird Blues
14-23 Big Walter Horton* Lost Baby Blues
14-24 Little Walter I Just Keep Loving Her
14-25 Snooky Pryor Boogie
15. Steel & Slide Guitarists
15-1 Tampa Red King Fish Blues
15-2 Tampa Red Mean Mistreater Blues
15-3 Tampa Red I'll Get A Break Someday
15-4 Tampa Red Boogie Woogie Dance
15-5 Tampa Red Black Angel Blues
15-6 Tampa Red Don't You Lie To Me
15-7 Tampa Red It Hurts Me Too
15-8 Kokomo Arnold Old Original Kokomo Blues
15-9 Kokomo Arnold Milk Cow Blues
15-10 Kokomo Arnold The Twelve (Dirty Dozens)
15-11 Kokomo Arnold Policy Wheel Blues
15-12 Kokomo Arnold Cold Winter Blues
15-13 Kokomo Arnold Crying Blues
15-14 Kokomo Arnold Bad Luck Blues
15-15 Casey Bill Weldon Two-Twin' Woman
15-16 Casey Bill Weldon I Believe I'll Make A Change
15-17 Casey Bill Weldon You Just As Well Let Her Go
15-18 Casey Bill Weldon Big Bill Blues
15-19 Casey Bill Weldon The Big Boat
15-20 Casey Bill Weldon Guitar Swing
15-21 Casey Bill Weldon Way Down In Louisiana
15-22 Black Ace Black Ace
15-23 Black Ace You Gonna Need My Help Someday
15-24 Robert Nighthawk Sweet Black Angel
15-25 Robert Nighthawk Annie Lee Blues
16. Blues Guitarists
16-1 Bumble Bee Slim No Woman No Nickel
16-2 Joe McCoy Going Back Home Blues
16-3 Lil Son Jackson* Peace Breakin' People
16-4 Texas Alexander No More Woman Blues
16-5 Buddy Moss Cold Country Blues
16-6 Dan Pickett Something's Gone Wrong
16-7 Tommy McClennan Bottle It Up And Go
16-8 Bo Carter Banana In Your Fruit Basket
16-9 Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley C. C. And O. Blues
16-10 Garfield Akers Dough Roller Blues
16-11 Henry Thomas Run, Mollie, Run
16-12 Skip James Devil Got My Woman
16-13 "Hi" Henry Brown* Titanic Blues
16-14 Robert Wilkins I'll Go With Her
16-15 Rube Lacy Mississippi Jail House Groan
16-16 Kid Prince Moore South Bound Blues
16-17 Sam Collins Lonesome Road
16-18 Tommy Johnson Canned Heat Blues
16-19 Mississippi John Hurt Ain't No Tellin'
16-20 Blind Willie McTell Southern Can Is Mine
16-21 Frank Stokes It Won't Be Long Now
16-22 Jim Jackson This Morning She Was Gone
16-23 Furry Lewis Dry Land Blues
16-24 Robert Lockwood* Little Boy Blues
16-25 Johnny Shines Delta Pine Blues
17. Jug Bands, Washboards...
17-1 Mississippi Jook Band Barbecue Bust
17-2 Memphis Jug Band Peaches In The Springtime
17-3 Gus Cannon Bring It With You When You Come
17-4 Mississippi Sheiks Bed String Poker
17-5 Cincinnati Jug Band Newport Blues
17-6 Mississippi Mud Steppers Jackson Stomp
17-7 The Tennessee Chocolate Drops* Vine Street Drag
17-8 Howard Armstrong & Ted Logan* Ted's Stomp
17-9 Howard Armstrong & Ted Logan* State Street Rag
17-10 Yank Rachell My Mind Got Bad
17-11 Yank Rachell When You Feel Down
17-12 Johnny Young My Babe Walked Out On Me In 44
17-13 Harlem Hamfats* Hamfats Swing
17-14 Washboard Sam The Big Boat
17-15 Washboard Sam She Fooled Me
17-16 Georgia Cotton Pickers She's Coming Back Home Some Cold Rainy Day
17-17 Big Joe & His Washboard Band If You Take Me Back
17-18 Buddy Woods* Muscat Hill Blues
17-19 Tampa Red Hard Road Red
17-20 Big Joe Williams Baby, Please Don't Go
17-21 Charley Patton Elder Green Blues
17-22 Blind Blake Doggin' Me Mama Blues
17-23 Leadbelly Cornbread Rough
17-24 Leadbelly Rock Island Line
17-25 Washington Philips* Paul & Silas In Jail
18. Gospels & Evangelists
18-1 Blind Willie Johnson Dark Was The Night
18-2 Blind Willie Johnson It's Nobody's Fault But Mine
18-3 Blind Willie Johnson Mother's Children Have A Hard Time
18-4 Blind Willie Johnson God Moves On The Water
18-5 Blind Gary Davis Cross And Evil Blues
18-6 Blind Gary Davis I Saw The Light
18-7 Blind Gary Davis I'm The Light Of This World
18-8 Blind Gary Davis Little More Faith In Jesus
18-9 Blind Gary Davis When The Train Comes Along
18-10 Golden Gate Quartet* Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground
18-11 Golden Gate Quartet* Golden Gate Gospel
18-12 Golden Gate Quartet* Sweet Adeline
18-13 Golden Gate Quartet* Jezebel
18-14 Golden Gate Quartet* Pick A Bale Of Cotton
18-15 Mahalia Jackson Move On Up A Little Higher
18-16 Mahalia Jackson Tired
18-17 Mahalia Jackson There's Not A Friend Like Jesus
18-18 Mahalia Jackson Amazing Grace
18-19 Barbecue Bob When The Saints Go Marching In
18-20 Blind Willie* & Kate McTell God Don't Like It
18-21 Reverend Utah Smith God's Mighty Hand
18-22 Bill Landford & The Landfordaires Run On For A Long Time
18-23 Silver Leaf Quartet Of Norfolk* Oh Glory, Glory
18-24 Reverend Johnny Blake* & The Sanctified Singers Warming By The Devil's Fire
18-25 Seventh Day Adventist's Choir* On Jordan's Stormy Banks We Stand
19. Rhtyhm And Blues
19-1 Roy Brown Good Rockin' Tonight
19-2 Sammy Price The Dirty Dozen
19-3 Fats Domino The Fat Man
19-4 Big Joe Turner Shake It, Break It
19-5 Gatemouth Brown* I Can Never Be That Way
19-6 Hal Singer Cornbread
19-7 Roy Milton Milton's Boogie
19-8 Louis Jordan Caldonia
19-9 Joe Liggins The Honeydripper
19-10 Eddie Vinson* Cherry Red Blues
19-11 Johnny Otis Harlem Nocturne
19-12 Ella* & Buddy Johnson That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch
19-13 Nellie Lutcher He's A Real Gone Guy
19-14 Ruth Brown Teardrops From My Eyes
19-15 Jimmy Witherspoon No Rollin' Blues
19-16 Charles Brown Driftin' Blues
19-17 Nat King Cole Route 66
19-18 Wynonie Harris Here Comes The Blues
19-19 Amos Milburn Bad, Bad Whiskey
19-20 Paul Gayten Your Hands Ain't Clean
19-21 Sticks McGhee* Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
19-22 Arthur Big Boy Cruddup* That's All Right Mama
19-23 Jimmie Rogers* Luedella
19-24 Ray Charles Late, In The Evening
19-25 Willie Dixon Signifying Monkey
20. From Blues To Jazz
20-1 Louis Armstrong Back 'O Town Blues
20-2 Sidney Bechet Blue Horizon
20-3 Duke Ellington Black And Tan Fantasy
20-4 Tommy Ladnier Really The Blues
20-5 Count Basie Good Morning Blues
20-6 Jelly Roll Morton Mamie's Blues
20-7 Jimmie Noone It's Tight Like That
20-8 Erskine Hawkins After Hours
20-9 Dicky Wells* Dicky Wells Blues
20-10 Rex Stewart Solid Old Man
20-11 Johnny Hodges Jeep's Blues
20-12 Meade Lux Lewis* Whistlin' Blues
20-13 Kansas City Six Pagin' The Devil
20-14 Muggsy Spanier Relaxin' At The Touro
20-15 Jimmy Lunceford* Uptown Blues
20-16 Erroll Garner Frankie And Johnny
20-17 Illinois Jacquet Illinois Blows The Blues
20-18 Hot Lips Page Blues With Lips
20-19 Django Reinhardt St. Louis Blues
20-20 Charlie Parker Cool Blues
20-21 Lester Young Back To The Land
20-22 Oscar Pettiford Blues For Blanton
20-23 Thelonious Monk Misterioso
20-24 Sonny Stitt Bud's Blues
Total Duration: 24h 32m 48s

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Original recordings, restored and digitized.
Sound Restoration CEDAR.system
Artwork:Claude Rinaldy - Photo: John Lee Hooker (J. Demétre)
Limited edition with a 60 pages booklet in English, Italian, German and Spanish
Each CD have a cardboard printed sleeve with its own barcode.
Each track listed with its composer (on the sleeves) and its recording date (in the booklet).

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Box Set): 3 565381 133008

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
111801-111820 Various Les Triomphes Du Blues ‎(Box, Comp, Ltd + 20xCD, RM, car) Habana 111801-111820 France 2001
111801-111820 Various Les Triomphes Du Blues ‎(20xCD, Comp, RM, RP, Box) Habana 111801-111820 France 2002

Various - Triumphs Of The Blues

Songer: Various

Album name: Triumphs Of The Blues

Genre: Jazz, Non Music

Label: Habana ‎– 113301-113320
Type: Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition 20 x CD, Remastered, cardboard sleeves
Country: Europe
Date of released: 2003
Category: Jazz, Blues
Style: Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues, Harmonica Blues, Jump Blues, Louisiana Blues, Piano Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Texas Blues, East Coast Blues

Size: 1321 mb.

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